I decided to be composer

December 21, 2009. The performing with David Gompper

The Final audition of the First International Young Composer N/Y/ Miaskovsky Competition: Alexander Tchaikovsky, Irina Dubkova, Kuzma Bodrov. December 4, 2009/

With pianist Peep Lassmann (Estonia)

With Italian and Greece musicians

With Vladimir Tarnopolsky

Composers Safronov, Ledeniov, Tarnopolsky and I

With conductor Alexander Soloviev

With organist Constantin Volostnov

With composer David Gompper

Performing with Anna Chatzisimeonidou in the Great Hall of The Moscow State Conservatory

With Anna Chatzisimeonidou (Greece)

With conductor Veronika Dudarova

With Head of All-Russia Union of Composers Vladislav Kazenin

With pianist Yun Pai Su (Taiwan)

With Greek pianist Anna Hatzisimeonidou on quay in Thessaloniky

After the concert. From left to right: David Gompper (USA), Peep Lassmann, (Estonia), Irina Dubkova, John Muriello (USA), Constantin Volostnov (Russia)

After the concert

Before the concert with Embassadore of Greece in Moscow Mr. Elias

After performing in Rachmaninov Hall with student Nikita Lebedev

After the concert with Valery Semichastnov, Teodora Yannizi - the Director of Greece Cultural Center and Yurii Kvashnin - officer of Greece Cultural Center

With American Jass-singer Carla Cook

The Moscow State P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory
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